Tiny homes

Check out our Tiny Homes / Park Models that we offer as they are a great option for that favorite campsite that you are tired of dealing with a RV camper because of all the maintenance.

These Tiny Homes / Park Models are built under the RVIA code meaning they are built for seasonal or temporary housing and come with a title to register it in your name. They are also not considered part of real estate so they will not affect your property taxes.

They are built with the standard 2 x 4 walls and are insulated with R-13 insulation in the walls and R-19 in the ceiling making it easy to heat and cool! They are built on a trailer making delivery and set up very minimal and giving you the option to transport it to a different location at any given time!

Add skirting around the bottom of your tiny home and put an attached deck to the side to make it function like your home away from home! Or add it to your rental portfolio for a nightly rental income that should have your ROI in as little as 3 years!